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I admire my friend essay

Soviet Union-A road to nowhere?

Free The person i admire most papers, essays, and research papers The friends she does make usually don't stay her friend for very long
Sep 19, 2008 Essay 1 My Special Best Friend My Mom She is so considerate and generous that I admire her and realize her as my best friend
Soviet Union Essay Question

"The Soviet experience was 70 years on the road to nowhere" is a statement that I think is completely true. Russia's 146 million people suffered one of the most dysfunctional political economies in history.

Under the Soviet system, Gosplan, the Soviet economic planning agency, decided what and how much to produce throughout the Soviet Union, and its decisions were distributed in essay rigid "five-year plans." Gosplan ignored consumers' preferences; it relied on production quotas, rather than profitability, to measure success. Salaries were made for different occupations; therefore, full effort was, often, not met by people because they would receive the same amount of compare essay money.

The grossly inefficient Soviet economic system met the my friend needs of neither the Russian people nor those who lived in essay and safety the Soviet Empire's client states. The Soviet economy produced so little that the rest of the world wanted to buy. This kept their exporting income low, and their importing income was still high. Military needs also weighed heavily on the Soviet economy. This was because of the Soviet Union's involvement in the Cold War. The Cold War was the nonviolent war I which the i admire my friend United States and the Soviet Union competed in their space programs and the output of military weapons. Why I Love My Friends. Soviet military annually consumed between 40% and i admire my friend essay, 50% of the in lord flies Soviet Union's output, leaving few resources to meet consumers' needs.

Not only were the people of Russia hurt economically for that 70 years, but they were damaged politically too. They had very little freedoms. The Soviet people didn't have freedom of i admire speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom of religion, rights to why i essay a counsel, and many other rights Americans express every day.

These reasons are more than enough to show that the Communist creation of the Soviet Union only hurt the Russian people and led the country nowhere. Now...

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Forensic Sciences

Essay contest: Who do you admire? Our essay contest winners wrote Essay contest: Who do you admire? my best friend, and a role model I admire

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