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Ideas for a good persuasive essay topic

Religion and War

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             What can cause war but also have people seek peace? What can give support to ideas persuasive topic, nations leaders but also have them question their ethics? What can provide strength to soldiers and assure them protection? Religion. Religion has played a large roll within soldiers, helping leaders during war, and creating views that protest against and for, ideals of war.
             Soldiers all over the world enlist in qualities of a good the military forces for United States. Many have no hope at all that they will live through the for a, war they are fighting in to defend their country. There is hope though, that 55 million American soldiers turned to during their time in war, according to American Military History (Chambers II 602). That hope is religion in which soldiers can find strength and protection. " Please God let me see the sunset. Please God, let me see another morning. Please God, let me see my friend again with both eyes intact and no gapping holes in his body ? (James 12). This is a quote of a soldiers who turns to music essay, God in for a persuasive a cry of desperation to live to see another day while also describing the food important part of a balanced diet essay, brutal injuries that many soldier faced in war. In hard situations many turn to something that will help them survive. In the case of war many men and women chose religion. There is something about having the assurance that you are safe and that a higher being (God) is watching after you. Persuasive Essay! In a poll taken in the US army 80 percent of soldiers polled that they believed in God and had a specific religious preference. More than 100 different dominations and write a 100 college essay faith groups were represented (Chambers II 602). This poll that was taken proves that many soldiers have religious beliefs and all believe in ideas persuasive the same God. Write A 100 Word! Even though there were so many different religions represented in that 80 percent they were all united by believing in ideas for a essay topic the same God. It does not matter what your religion is called, but the why do essay, true meaning is what and topic how you believe in it. Why Do You Love Music Essay! These men stood tr

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India Vs. Pakistan

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             Global Warfare: India's Nuclear Testing
             Within the last decade, India and Pakistan's ongoing struggle with Kashmir has peaked due to nuclear warfare testing. Ideas Good Essay Topic. The testing not only aggravated the situation in Southern Asia, but has also worsened the global condition. Tension with Pakistan, lack of support from the United States, and non-prioritized money control are all reasons why India should halt nuclear testing.
             The conflict between India and Pakistan has revolved around Kashmir. Kashmir is the pride of India; with its mountain ranges, beautiful landscape, fresh mountain air and essay friend, lovely people. Kashmir is located at the extreme west of the ideas for a good persuasive essay country. At the time of Pakistan's independence, the Muslim majority area of Kashmir was to to college essay be part of ideas good persuasive topic, Pakistan. The majority of India practices the friend religion of Hinduism, but eighty percent of Kashmir practices the religion of Muslim. However, Kashmir did not become part of Pakistan because India claims it as Indian Territory. The people of Kashmir, the Pakistanis, and the United Nations reject the Indian claim.
             Currently Pakistan governs about one-third of Kashmir while India administers the rest under military force. India has been ruling with brutal force towards the Kashmiris. India's streak of slaughters has resulted in more than thirty thousand deaths. In an attempt to halt the fatalities, government officials and political leaders from both countries have made numerous threats along the for a good persuasive essay topic "Line of Control" in Kashmir, the Himalayan region that was at the center of two of qualities good, three Indo-Pak wars.
             The aggravation from the Kashmir conflict encouraged the advancement of ideas persuasive, nuclear testing. On May 11, 1998, India conducted nuclear weapons tests for the first time since 1974, and the Indian government declared it would maintain a nuclear weapons program. In response to essay India's testing, Pakistan later ignited three nuclear devices of its own, setting

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Letter from the front during world war one

Mar 01, 2016 100 Good Persuasive Speech Topics your argument is why it is a persuasive topic Reply BobTheGirl says: I enjoyed these topic ideas a lot more Ö
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             I am writing you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and ideas for a good topic, I am keeping quite well. I hope you all are enjoying the to college, best of health and for a, strength especially my dear mother. I also take the opportunity to thank you for the parcel. It is very nice of you to think about me for Christmas. Why Do You Go To College! Your parcel arrived in good condition on the eve of Christmas day. I have been thinking of you all for many days. On Christmas day, I had Irish stew and plum duff for ideas for a essay, dinner instead of having turkey as I had last year. I also had the qualities of a essay, pleasure to attend church. It was an good essay, English one and music, we had sacrament. We all tried to ideas persuasive essay topic make it a wonderful Christmas but it was much different than last year. On Christmas Eve, I was on the front. Bullets were falling around us and I was thinking what I was doing last year. I never thought I would be here one day. But you can never tell.
             I have been out on working party many times and each time I have been under fire. The worst battle that we had gone through was that of Ypres and brother, the letter that you saw in the paper from that fellow of ours at Ypres is quite true as I was there at that time. Essay My Best! It was terrible. I have never been in a battle where the men were suffering in such numbers that their crying and groaning could be heard all over the battlefield. For A Good Persuasive! The deadly gas burned their eyes and throat and living or eating to live, destroyed their lungs. They choked, gagged, gasped, coughed and die. Some were even shot down to death because they were suffering too much.
             War is ideas for a persuasive topic, like a game. We attack the enemy's trenches and they attack ours. Killing, murdering ¶that is what on our mind.
             The conditions in the trenches are not really appropriate to our needs. We are all subjected to dawn raids, simulated shelling, water rationing and sleep deprivation. There is mud everywhere in which is why do essay, mixed up all ruin of the war. They became filthy.

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