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How long is a 4000 word essay

A Christmas Carol

May 12, 2008 Is it possible to write a 4000 word essay in one day? Add your answer Source Submit Cancel Pagination 1 2 next Report Abuse I think that this
Jul 04, 2002 The small issue of a 5,000 word essay Books How unappealing! Sam This essay, however, is not like most other essays I have been

             The true description of Scrooge first appears about quarter way through the book, before then there are only is a 4000 word a few minor references to his character. What And Effect Sample? The description begins metaphorically as it features the words ?A tight-fisted hand at the grindstone? Its metaphorical because it is how long word trying to what, portray that Scrooge is how long is a 4000 literally as tight as the hand to the grindstone. Then soon after this seven adjectives follow, ?Squeezing, Wrenching, Grasping, Scraping, Clutching, Covetous, Old sinner? They are used effectively as each one has an individual meaning describing seven trates of Scrooges character, which begins to give the reader a visual picture of how the what and effect essay sample character may conduct himself. So far all qualities of Scrooge have been negative and so it continues. Essay? Then the writer brings in the object "flint?and states all the negative quality's of essay flint then compares them to Scrooge.
             As soon as the writer gets across the way in how long word which Scrooge conducts himself, he moves on to how Scrooge is happy to save, be by is a himself. Charles Dickens uses the word "Solitary?to great effect as it portrays that not only Scrooge stays alone it also gives a second meaning. It's as if that Scrooge does not need anyone else. Then Charles Dickens attempts to compare Scrooge to the weather making him a very cold hearted character, and is cause and effect explains that even the worse weather can not match to how cold Scrooge is and how he cares not for anyone but himself. It mentions "The cold within him froze his facial features? so it portrays that its not the weather affecting Scrooge its how cold he is essay inside. Its even to the extent that its as if Scrooge carries around a low temperature with him where ever he goes. Its not a physical effect he has, its more of a visual effect as whenever anyone would see him they would experience chills down the back of his neck.
             Scrooge is a very powerful character as whenever Charles Dickens attempts to describe him he use

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Electro Magnetic Feilds

The number of pages in a 4,000-word essay varies considerably depending on factors like font, In general,

             How Electro-Magnetic Fields affect our lives
             Electricity is the building block of our society. Is A Word Essay! Now more and more we are becoming dependent on electricity. From computers to microwaves, electric power is what keeps our society running. Something that no one thinks about is Electro-Magnetic Fields or (ELF's). Sons Keller! While these ELF's are being ignored, slowly they are becoming a silent but deadly killer in is a 4000 word our society. Leader Essay! Sense cancer and illness are becoming so common people are slowly coming around about what ELF's are and what if anything can be done to stop or slow down the effects of ELF's on 4000 word our families and friends. There maybe only few solutions to girl essay, stop ELF's infiltration on our society and is a 4000 essay, only one or two alternatives were found to slow the fields so they don't affect our health.
             " In 1995 leaked a draft report by American Scientific committee conducted that millions of people face an increased risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases from exposure to fields from power lines, power plants and electrical appliances ?(Perry 1). With that quote we can see that this isn't a new issue to our society, but yet more people are becoming clueless about the effect of how to write a chinese electro- magnetic fields on essay their health and about the health of their children. The most common reaction of people when warned about ELF's is that " we live far enough from the power lines that it isn't going to affect us. ? This reaction is so common, but people don't realize that it's not just caused by how to an review essay, power lines and power plants it's also inside our homes.
             The most common things in 4000 essay our homes are secondary causes not the power lines. Items such as microwaves, computer screens toasters, electric stoves, blenders and cellular telephone. With these things in our homes becoming so common that there affecting all of how to an review essay our lives. " In the last 10 years the rate of cancer is becoming the most common cause of death ?(Perry 1). Though sunlight's Ultra Violet Rays (UV's) ta

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Bias In The News

Jul 04, 2002 The small issue of a 5,000 word essay Books How unappealing! Sam This essay, however, is not like most other essays I have been

             There is quite a lot of how long is a word bias in news articles and it is very effective in stimulating our response to an issue. In the article "Rich, famous unite in grief:" ( West Australian 5 September, 1998) bias is included to symathise our response to for a essay, the victim or victims and to be angry at the people responsible. Reporters can use headlines, Figure of Authority language and the six questions to create a effective slant on an article. All these factors play a huge role in the impact of the bias.
             The headline is the first place in an article where the bias first starts. How Long Is A 4000 Essay. The size of the headline varies on write an review essay the importance of the how long 4000 essay article and various poetic 'tools' in a headline give the article a impact and write an review, a extremely strong determining point for the bias.The headline "Rich, famous unite in grief" uses strong words and how long 4000 essay, alliteration and is typed in big, bold, black letters. This and all my sons chris, the journalists impacting words make us feel angry at the people responsible for the Swissa disaster.
             The way a headline is is a 4000 word essay, written and displayed aids in impacting the readers reactions to the article.
             A Figure of Authority is used quite often in a article to help convey the bias. All direct quotes from these people are added in with the all my sons chris keller article to give the reader some proof. As an audience or readers we tend to believe and agree with what these people are saying because they are important and we as readers trust them. In the article "Rich, famous unite in grief" there is is a essay, a direct quote from Mr La Motta "I had four daughters but only two sons, and I lost them both in just seven months" It shows how much pain and loss has happened to one man but then there are many others like him who have lost just as much. This quote makes us feel very sorry for the victims parents and love ones and extremly angry at the people responsible. The quotes in articles influence us to believe things about the people in the article.
             Every journalist chooses his/her different style

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