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Abe Lincoln

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Carol E Macpherson Scholarship Personal Statement SAMPLE 2: PERSONAL STATEMENT (500 words max) Carol E Macpherson Scholarship Personal Statement

             ? Abraham Lincoln was born in sample a log cabin in for one day essay 1809 near Hodgenville, Kentucky.
             ? Abraham loved reading and would walk several miles just to borrow a book.
             ? In 1836, Lincoln became a lawyer. He first practiced law in Springfield, Illinois.
             ? Married to sample of 500 word, Mary Todd and they had four sons.
             ? In 1846 Lincoln ran for the United States House of sources in an essay, Representatives and won.
             ? While in Washington he became known for his opposition to the Mexican War and to slavery.
             ? He engaged in a series of debates with Stephen Douglas in 1858, which gained him national recognition.
             ? Abraham Lincoln is sample of 500, elected as 16th U.S. president and the first Republican. For One More Day Essay Topics. Receives 180 of 303 possible electoral votes and 40 percent of the popular vote. (Hannibal Hamlin was running mate)
             ? After Lincoln's election, many southern states, fearing Republican control in the government, seceded from the union.
             ? After the fall of Fort Sumter, Lincoln raised an army and decided to fight to save the essay, Union from falling apart.
             ? On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. This was Lincoln's declaration of freedom for all slaves in the areas of the Confederacy not under Union control.
             ? Also, on November 19, 1863, Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address which dedicated the battlefield there to the soldiers who had perished.
             ? Abraham Lincoln is for one more day essay, re-elected president, getting 212 of 233 electoral votes and sample word, 55 percent of the popular vote. (Andrew Johnson was running mate)
             ? After the Confederates surrendered to the Union on April 9, 1865, Lincoln suggested he would support black voting rights, which infuriated many.
             ? Lincoln and his wife Mary see the play "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theater. At about 10:13 p.m., during the third act of the play, John Wilkes Booth shoots the tempel easy, president in the head.

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Cloning synthesis

From college applications to CEO cover letters, how to nail the personal essay Applications for jobs, Writing a compelling life story in 500 words or less
500 Word Essay Example The 500-word Essay: Sample SAT Essays—Up Close Below is our sample essay question, which is designed to be as close as possible …

             Of all the of 500 terms coined by scientists that have entered popular vocabulary, 'clone' has become one of the free more emotive. A clone is one or more offspring derived from a single ancestor, whose genetic composition is identical to that of the ancestor. Word. No sex is involved in the production of clones, and since sex is the normal means by which new genetic material is introduced during procreation, clones have no choice but to have the same genes as their single parent. This is the major reason behind the current cloning controversy. Ignou Assignments 2015 Free Download. On one side are the advocates of sample of 500 word essay cloning, those who think that it is an ideal alternative to natural reproduction. On the what essay other side are the opponents of cloning, those who believe that it is morally wrong, and that it should be outlawed. However, cloning should be supported as a beneficial science, as long as it is strictly regulated. There are several key issues that contribute to the debate over cloning. They are: the end of individuality; morality issues; and sample, the reasons why someone can be cloned.
             Firstly, cloning would prevent those who are cloned from having their own personality. According to John J. Conley's Narcissus Cloned, "spiritual traits of assignments 2015 free a person, such as intelligence and emotive temperament are molded by one's conceptive history. ? Therefore, if cloning were allowed there it would hinder any cloned humans from developing their own personality, as they would be exactly the same as the person they were cloned from. As the old saying goes, "Variety is the spice of life, ? however cloning prevents any one person to sample of 500 word be different from another. Will Essay. Eventually, every person would be exactly the same as everyone else. Sample Of 500 Word Essay. However, according to Barbara Ehrenreich's The Economics of Cloning since most people act and dress in the exact same way, in order to appear to be "cool, ? it is ignou solved 2015 free, not that far of a stretch to clone humans.

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